Cosmetic Tattooing

With over 5 years of permanent makeup and more than 200 procedures we have earned a reputation for delivering the highest quality work, driven by a passion for beauty. We believe permanent makeup should naturally enhance your brows creating a look which is uniquely you!

Since 2015 we have specialised in eyebrow cosmetic tattooing. We believe permanent makeup should naturally enhance your brows without following fads or fashion trends. Each procedure is unique and customised to individuals.

Permanent makeup is the forefront of our expertise and for this reason we achieve outstanding results with long lasting colour retention, using the highest grade pigments and technologies in the industry. We also offer a safe and highly effective cosmetic tattoo removal treatment.

Our tattooing techniques are natural, giving you flawless brows every day without the need for makeup. Whether you prefer a perfectly manicured, strong brow or just need some light shading to fill sparse areas. 

We use the most premium quality Cosmetic Tattoo Pigments and equipment. Our pigments heal beautifully in the skin and stay true to the original colour for years to come. Skin+Brow Republic is a registered skin penetration clinic and we follow very strict hygiene and safety protocols.

Prior to your cosmetic tattoo procedure, we require a comprehensive consultation to check your skin type, hair colour and skin tone. The consultation also includes an Eyebrow Makeover to prep the eyebrows for tattooing and give you an idea of what the finished product will look like! 

During each Tattoo procedure, a local topical anaesthetic is applied to ensure the procedure is pain free and comfortable, we also supply all the after-care products and instructions as part of the procedure costs.


For clients who prefer a brow which looks more like a soft powdered pencil finish. The term ombré refers to a softer more subtle front of the brow, with a more structured middle and tail, creating a perfect airbrush finish.

We expertly blend your new eyebrows into your own brow and promise to cover any gaps, scars or bald patches that you might have within your brow. They also can help to volumise and define thin or lacking brows.