Skin Services

Our skin therapist has over 30 years of product knowledge and treatment experience. We specialise in Skin Needling, Peels, IPL and other advanced dermal treatments. When it comes to skin, we offer treatments that deliver phenomenal results. Each skin is treated differently to provide maximum results for the individual. Some of the conditions we treat include acne, scarring, ageing, pigmentation or just healthy skin management.


Integrating our Metis skin diagnostic machine for a deeper look into the skin.

Our comprehensive initial consult includes a complete professional skin analysis with clinical imaging, a take home copy of your skin prescription program, prescribed professional grade home care and a proposed treatment plan going forward for best results!

1hr $100
fee is redeemable upon product purchase on day of consult


Skin+Brow Ritual Facial

Consider this facial a breath of fresh air for your skin! Whether dulled by a few too many cocktails, too much fun in the sun or simply needing to give your skin some TLC, this purifying and detoxifying facial refreshes and balances, leaving you feeling instantly recharged with a just-back- from-vacation glow!

Prepare for 60 minutes of pure bliss in which skin will be treated to a customised corrective peel to instantly brighten and firm, followed by a revitalizing massage to detoxify and promote lymphatic drainage. A luxurious radiance mask is applied as well as a personalized cocktail of serums and hydrators to add clarity back into your skin and bring out a more youthful complexion. 

Skin+Brow Ritual Facial Includes:

  • Facial steam & extractions if needed
  • Customised Enzyme Exfoliation
  • Revitalising Facial massage
  • Radiance mask
  • Customised serum and hydrators

From $100

Gua Sha Ritual Facial 

Sink into our deluxe facial bed, and be pampered with a double cleanse, power exfoliant, steam and mini face, neck and décolletage massage to totally unwind and relax. 

Using Australian botanical products that have a skin-mind anti-ageing powerhouse of actives rich in Omegas 3&6, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals to boost skin health. We complete this treatment with the Gua Sha Heart Stone lymphatic massage on the face and neck and a Hydrating Radiance Mask.

From $140


More Flow = More Glow!

The circulatory system plays a key role in a holistic approach to skin health.

PRIN LYMPHATIC THERAPY is a specially formulated tightening mask designed to work with your circulatory system – an often overlooked, but vital component of optimal skin health. This organ system is responsible for removing waste via our lymphatics, and nourishing our cells and tissues via our blood supply. These systems always work together, taking and giving, maintaining homeostasis. When our blood circulates around our body it provides nutrients (such as amino acids), water and oxygen to our cells and tissues. However during the capillary fluid exchange (where water, amino acids, and oxygen cross the capillary wall into the extracellular fluid), fluids don’t travel very far into the surrounding tissue, and even less when there are roadblocks. Which is why there needs to be a ‘clear road’, free from debris, so that these nutrients can get to their target. The healthier the cells, the healthier the skin!

Rich in potent native Australian botanicals to bath your skin topically with antioxidants, this holistic skin therapy is suitable for all skin types and tones especially acne, congested, dull, dehydrated skin and is the perfect pre event treatment for an instant glow!

*Includes hand & arm massage during the masking time and pressure points after to assist in lymphatic drainage .

From $140

For the treatment of Acne, we recommend a minimum course of 3 x Lymphatic Treatments + LED performed fortnightly. 

Acne Prepaid Package $370 (saving 20%)


Celluma Light Therapy is a treatment that aims to improve cellular health without the need for harsh chemicals or UV rays. Our healing light therapy treats acne, wrinkles & inflammation in one. The Celluma LED effectively destroys acne causing bacteria & prevents future breakouts, while anti-ageing wavelengths are scientifically proven to stimulate collagen production reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, improving overall skin tone, assisting tissue repair & decreasing inflammation. This particular treatment also alleviates a multitude of skin and musculoskeletal conditions.

From $70


Prescriptive Clinical Facial

For clients wanting a more results-driven treatment, we recommend the Prescriptive Clinical Facial. This treatment can be customised to address any of the following skin concerns using our various medical grade enzyme and peptide peels.

This Facial is Ideal for:

  • Mature, stressed and tired looking skin
  • Dry or dehydrated
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Dull and lacking luminosity
  • Sensitive or reactive skin or Rosacea
  • Acne and congestion
  • Sun damaged

From $140

Get Glowing Micro Peel

The Get Glowing Micro Peel. Suitable for all skin types, skin colours and skin conditions. It is a mild peel which will lightly exfoliate the skin leaving it refreshed and soft. It is designed to refine skin texture damaged by environmental factors and skin conditions such as acne, fine lines and pigmentation. It improves skin texture and reduces the appearance of marks from acne scars. With each additional Micropeel procedure, you will notice incremental improvements in the overall appearance of the skin.

For maximum results, we recommend a series of 6 Get Glowing Micro-Peel procedures in 2 to 6 week intervals, depending on the skin type.

From $175

The Elaine Brennan Skin Renewal Peel

“Peel Away That Problem Skin”

This is the BIG ONE. Requires 7-10 days downtime but with unsurpassable results in treating Sun Damage, Pigmentation, Freckles, Acne, Scarring, Rosacea and much more.

Suitable for all skin types and all skin colours.

Please visit our FAQ page for in-depth information about this treatment.

Your Investment:

  • $800 for 1 program
  • $1450 for two programs, performed 8-10 weeks apart

Viora Infusion Needle Free Mesotherapy

A unique, virtually painless, needle free treatment by which essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids are delivered and infused into the deeper layers of the skin. Infusion revitalises the skin with enriching solutions that leave it feeling supple, refreshed and radiant.

From $130


Combat signs of ageing by generating new, healthy skin cells (fibroblasts ) with Dermapen Skin Needling.

Skin needling is a skin rejuvenation treatment designed to create a safe healing response within the body to ignite natural collagen and elastin production in the skin, without harsh side effects and downtime, along with repairing the surface layers to result in healthier skin; looking brighter, tighter, more even toned with refined pores and reduced wrinkles.

Ultra-fine, medical grade, stainless steel needles are passed across the skin creating multiple surface skin channels. The tiny micro channels (wounds) allow for increased product penetration as well as activating the skins natural healing process response and the production of the fibroblast cells that stimulates the growth of the collagen and elastin cells that will help to improve skin elasticity, reduction of fine lines and resulting in a smoother younger-looking skin and most of all a healthier skin!

Your face, lip area, eye area, ears, neck, chest, hands and scalp can be treated with pinpoint precision to promote rapid lifting, firming and toning of facial features and contours. You’ll see results in just one session.

The minimally invasive procedure is the fastest, safest and most natural way to achieve skin correction.

We Recommend 

For optimal results, we recommend several treatments in sequence every four to six weeks.

UPGRADE your Dermapen Treatment with an Uber Pro Peel Treatment.

ÜBER PRO peel is exclusively designed to enhance microneedling procedures. Containing a specific blend of treatment actives.

ÜBER PRO increases cellular turnover whilst addressing the signs ageing, acne and hyperpigmented conditions.

ÜBER MD peel is exclusively designed to enhance micro needling SCAR & DEEP WRINKLE or PIGMENTED SPOTS procedures. Containing a specific blend of potent treatment actives, ÜBER MD creates a COAGULATIVE NECROSIS effect in the depression point or target area. ÜBER MD can be applied as required with a toothpick over the top of ÜBER PRO peeling if required.

From $170


At Skin+Brow Republic we offer a range of facial waxing services. Body waxing is not available in our clinic.

From $10


When you’re ready to move on from waxing, shaving and tweezing, talk to us about IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Permanent Hair Reduction – a safe and effective treatment for removing unwanted hair.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Permanent Hair Reduction, sometimes referred to as laser hair removal, guarantees permanent hair reduction for long-term smooth skin. It is a safe and effective, and an increasingly popular hair removal treatment. As experts in Hair Removal, Skin+Brow Republic use the latest and safest Medical Grade technology to deliver amazing results. Book in for a consultation with one of our Therapist to determine if IPL Permanent Hair Reduction is the right treatment for you.

For more information please read our FAQ’s or speak to our Therapist in clinic.

Please Refer to Our Prices Page for Individual Prices


– Anti Wrinkle Injections

– Dermal Fillers

The lines and creases on your face can deepen and multiply as you age, causing a loss of volume in your lips, cheeks and jawline, making you look a lot older than you feel. A series of fine injections can help restore your youthful appearance.

Injectables are best combined with active skin care products and skin treatments to achieve a harmonious and natural looking rejuvenation.

All our injectable procedures include a medical consultation and assessment with our highly skilled and experienced Cosmetic Injectable Nurse, Megan from Beneath The Skin Injectables.